Is your website accessible and usable by disabled people? Are your e-recruitment, sales and information processes open to all?

Amid increasing concern about the potential barriers that websites can present to disabled people, the Business Disability Forum has joined with its associate Rick Williams of Freeney Williams Ltd., to offer a service designed to be your first step towards a barrier-free website.

E-Check is a short, expert review of your website. It's a quick and readily affordable indication of whether your site presents potential barriers to users with disabilities, and whether your site represents a legal and reputational risk to your organisation.

Best of all, E-Check is FREE for Business Disability Forum members.

Don't hang around - act now!

To initiate your E-Check, or to find out more about this and our other accessibility and usability services, contact or phone Rick on 01273 327715 or 07788 448 428.

E-Check has been developed in association with the Business Disability Forum by Freeney Williams Ltd. in partnership with FDL Accessibility & Usability Testing